Bridges PCS Will be Open Thursday, 2/16.  Some charter schools may be closed due to a planned march but Bridges will be open as usual.

ridges PCS estara abierta el Jueves, 16 de febrero. Algunas escuelas charter estaran cerradas a causa de una marcha planeada, pero nosotros abriremos la escuela.


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“An inclusive learning community builds bridges of understanding, awareness, and support by connecting children and families with a variety of different needs, cultures, and backgrounds.”

Our mission is to provide an exemplary educational program that includes all students. Our developmentally appropriate, Student and family-centered educational approach nurtures students to expand their developmental skills, in order to build a foundation for life-long learning.

Readers say:
This ‘truly diverse school’ is ‘a gem,’ ‘one of a kind,’ ‘a really special place’ with an ‘open and nurturing living environment where everyone thrives.’
— The Washington City Paper