Behavior Support

Mission Statement:

Keeping in line with Bridges PCS’ vision and goal, Bridges PCS’ (BPCS) approach to challenging behavior is developmental, cultural, respectful, preventative and timely. Staff and students are provided with the tools, resources, and opportunities to best meet behavioral challenges should they occur within school environments. Responses to behavior include research based initiatives like PBIS and RC, as well as the intervention of trained staff. Staff trained to respond to difficult behavior are the Behavioral Intervention Lead (BIL), Behavior Specialist (BS), Social Workers (SW), and various members of the administrative team. School and community stakeholders should know that each student will be treated fairly maintaining her or his cultural, developmental, and individual dignity.  


Bridges Distinguished Young Gentlemen Club (BDYGC)

Mission Statement: The Bridges Distinguished Young Gentlemen Club (BDYGC) is a youth centered mentoring program created to provide young men with access to skills and resources that support academic learning and foster greater community involvement.

Vision: The vision of the BDYGC is to provide target youth with skills and opportunities that can be utilized in the academic and community environment. Youth at Bridges will be taught how to express themselves in a healthy way so that they can be positive contributors to society.  The BDYGC believes and understands that every child’s future depends on his or her access to choices today.

Values:  BDYGC members will be introduced to the following values: honesty, responsibility, integrity, and presentation.  They will also be reminded of the power of their voice which will encourage them to articulate feelings, name wants and needs, and gain access to resources and opportunities that may not be otherwise available. BDYGC members are responsible for their actions, live by their word, and are always well presented.

Activities: Activities within the BDYGC facilitate community involvement and provide skills that will encourage whole child development through carefully structured activities.


Bridges Safety Guard

Safety Guards are a select group of 4th grade leaders of the school that are committed to providing a safe environment for staff and students. A Safety Guard member should be responsible, respectful, cooperative and helpful. The responsibility of the safety guards are to ensure that the school’s staff and students are safe and that all school rules are being followed.


Bridges In School Suspension

The Bridges Public Charter School In School Suspension (ISS) program focuses on providing a safe, rule-abiding environment conducive to learning. The ISS program will be implemented as a responsive measure to students’ maladaptive behavior; it is utilized to ensure that students are capable of being member of the school community by showing that they can be safe and follow directions. ISS is not utilized to punish students but as a logical consequence for students who cannot be safe in the classroom or follow school rules.  

Rules and Expectations

  1. Students must raise his/her hand before speaking.

  2. Students should have a safe body at all times.

  3. Students are to be absolutely silent (no talking to teacher or peers).

  4. Students must be working at all times.

  5. Students should complete at least 75% of work given.

  6. Students will not be allowed to sleep

  7. Bathroom breaks are scheduled. Bathroom breaks outside of a scheduled visit must be an emergency.

  8. All classroom and school rules apply in ISS.

  9. Students will complete one community building project to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate that they are capable of being a member of the school community.