Elementary Education

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At Bridges PCS, Math Workshop includes the following instructional components used in 1st grade through fifth grade:

Fluency Builder

The fluency builder promotes computational fluency and builds a strong mental math foundation.

Whole Group & Small Group Instruction

At Bridges we address conceptual understanding, and problem-solving through mini-lessons, daily small groups, and discussion. Small groups are focused around student need and may include reteach of previously covered content, extension of the concept, problem-solving, and math games. In addition, students engage in our computer program, iReady, for 45 minutes per week. iReady provides students with lessons based on their learning needs as measured by a beginning and middle of year diagnostic test.


Students learn science and social studies through hands-on, long-term projects that integrate various parts of the curriculum.  Usually projects last one quarter of the school year and students research and investigate topics that align with the DC Social Studies Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.  We call this part of the day Project Work.  To learn more, click here.


Second Step is a school-wide social-emotional curriculum.  This curriculum teaches skills to build self-regulation and social-emotional competence.  Children learn and practice vital skills for listening and paying attention, having empathy, managing emotions, building friendships, initiating conversations, and solving problems with others.  The Second Step curriculum was designed to reduce behavior problems, improve classroom climate by building feelings of inclusiveness and respect, and increase children’s sense of confidence and responsibility.